Days of the week in german

Days of the week in german?

The German language is a West-Germanic language closely related to English, Dutch and Norwegian. There are 24 million people who speak it as either their first or second languages in Europe with about 50% of them living in Germany. It’s spoken by approximately 130 million people worldwide.

In this blog post i am going to share Days of the week in german and some FAQs related to it

Days of the week (French)PronounciationDays of the week (English)
Montag mohn-tahkMonday
Freitagfry-tahk Friday
Samstag zahms-tahkSaturday

Do German Weeks start on Sunday or Monday?

German Weeks are seven consecutive days of the week where each day is named after a different weekday in German. These weeks always start on Sunday, but do not always end on Saturday. The first Monday of the next week starts off with a new German Week cycle. But what about holidays? Some holidays interrupt this pattern by having special naming conventions, such as Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve.

Why do Germans have two words for Saturday?

It’s a common question that many non-German speakers ask. There are in fact two different days of the week called Saturday in Germany: Samstag and Sonntag. The word “Samstag” was derived from an old Germanic word meaning “day of Saturn,” while the word “Sonntag” is derived from Latin, which means “the day when no work should be done” or Sabbath. In modern usage, the term “Saturday” often refers to both days combined as one long weekend day.

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What means Sonnabend?

Sonnabend is a German word for Saturday, along with the more common Samstag. Loosely translated, Sonnabend means the eve of Sunday

Why is it called donnerstag?

The name comes from the German word “dunner” meaning thunder, and “tag” which means day. It was an old English tradition that on this day people would go to church to pray for protection against storms. This is because thunderstorms are more likely on days with high humidity levels like those in summer months

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