Days of the week in spanish

Days of the week in spanish-Spanish is a language that originated in Spain and is spoken by about 350 million people around the world. There are many misconceptions about the language, one of which being that it’s spelled phonetically. This is untrue because Spanish has no alphabet, but rather uses an alphabet called “Latin” to spell words. Another misconception about the language is that everyone who speaks Spanish lives in Mexico or South America; this too can be proven false as there are just as many Spaniards living in Africa today than there were 500 years ago!

Days of the week (Spanish)Days of the week (English)

How do you remember the days of the week in Spanish?

-Lunes, named after the Moon, in Spanish, Luna. Just as in English Moon-day
-Martes, named after Mars, in Spanish, Marte the Roman God of War.
-Miércoles, named after Mercury, in Spanish, Mercurio.
-Jueves, named after Jupiter, which is the same in spanish. Jupiter is the Roman representation of Greek Zeus, God of Thunder.
-Viernes, named after Venus, which again is the same in Spanish yet pronounced differently.
-Sábado, comes from the word Sabbath and we do rest on Sabbath or Saturday
-Domingo, this one comes from the Latin expression for Day of God, dies Dominica, for Sunday

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Are all days of the week in Spanish masculine?

The Spanish language is one of the most popular languages spoken in the world. It’s also known for being a gendered language, meaning nouns are categorized as masculine or feminine. However, this isn’t always true! In fact, there are several instances where days of the week are not considered to be masculine by default. Read on to learn more about how some days of the week have switched genders over time and why it’s important to know whether something is masculine or feminine before you start speaking.

What is technically the first day of the week in spanish?

The first day of the week in Spanish is called, “lunes.” This word translates to Monday and it’s usually a bit more relaxed than other days.

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