Top 25 Google Apps for Education [100% Free]

Google Apps for Education
Top 25 Google Apps for Education [100% Free] 27

Google Apps for Education can help schools and students with collaboration and school management. Many schools use Google Apps as their primary messaging system and collaboration platform. There are many ways that Google Apps for Education can help students, including creating and editing documents, attending and hosting meetings, quick searches, collaboration in real time, and more.

The number of students who are educated in school or college has increased exponentially and they now require the benefits of technology to prepare for and learn within the classroom. Educators are struggling to keep up with the demands. With so many students within schools and colleges, education becomes more and more expensive. Google Apps for Education are the answer to this dilemma. Google Apps for Education bundle together a suite of software applications and services to help educators and students learn with ease. Improve your skills with Google Apps for Education and let your students go to the next level.

Google Apps for education can help schools and students with collaboration and school management. Many schools use Google Apps as their primary messaging system and collaboration platform. There are many ways that Google Apps for Education can help students, including creating and editing documents, attending and hosting meetings, quick searches, collaboration in real time, and more.

List of Top 25 Google Apps for Education :

Google Apps for Education
Top 25 Google Apps for Education [100% Free] 28

The Google Apps for Education suite is an excellent way to introduce computers and technology to your students. These apps are designed specifically to integrate with your classroom’s curriculum and offer the tools your students need to succeed.

What you might not know, however, is that these apps are also available for free. This list of the 25 best Google Apps for education features tools for students, teachers, and administrators.

1. Gmail

Gmail is the easiest way to manage your email, stay organized, and get things done. With Gmail, you can: -Create, send, and receive emails just like you always have -Snooze emails for later -Keep your emails private with end-to-end encryption -Search through all your old emails to find a specific one -Sync your emails across all your devices -Use Gmail to find your classmates and contacts in your school, group, or organization

When you are a student or teacher, Gmail can help you organize your life. With Gmail as Google App for Education, you can access your Gmail account while you’re on campus. Your work and personal emails are kept separate. You can share your work email with your teachers, and they can read your emails while you’re in class. Your work emails will also be deleted after a set amount of time, so that your teacher only has access to the past few days’ worth of emails.

2. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a great tool for teachers to keep track of everything from student work to administration. However, you may find that it is not as easily accessible to students as you would like. That is where Google App for Education can help. Google App for Education is a free app that is built specifically for education. It is a simple and easy tool for teachers to use to keep track of everything that goes on in their classroom.

Google Calendar is integrated into Google App for Education, so students are able to see their schedules, announcements and events right on their phones. Student content is also stored in Google Apps for Education, so teachers and students can access it from their laptops, tablets or even their phones. This app is an essential tool for teachers who rely on technology to help them with their classroom.

3. Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most popular document editors in the world and is an excellent choice for students and teachers who want to collaborate and work on projects. With the Google App for Education, students and teachers can use Google Docs to collaborate with each other and access the same documents. Teachers or students can also use Google Apps for Education to create and edit documents offline.

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4. Google Presentations

Presentations are a major part of Google for Education, which is why Google developed Presentations. With Presentations, you can create a template and share it with students, then let them change it to fit the needs of their presentation.

Google Presentations is a tool that allows you to create professional presentations with a variety of themes and formats. It was designed to be used by students in grades K-12. Google Presentations is set up with a simple interface that is meant to be used by students. It eliminates the need for complicated software programs. Google Presentations is also accessible through a variety of devices, including computers and smartphones. There are also many Google Presentations templates available online if you don’t have time to create your own.

5. Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheets are the best way to organize information that you need to track. However, they can be difficult to get the hang of when you first start using them. This is where Google Apps for Education come in. They are great because they are intuitive to use. You can manage them right in the browser. And they are available to anyone. Google Apps for Education is a program that can help you to easily use Google Spreadsheets. It is intuitive, easy to use, and has many features to help you manage a spreadsheet. It also has a built-in chat tool that you can use to talk to your friends or colleagues. It is also compatible with Google Drive.

6. Google Forms

Google Forms is an app that empowers students to create and share digital forms, surveys, quizzes, and surveys. They can be used in the classroom, in a group project, or even as a stand-alone tool. In order to use forms in Google Forms, you’ll need to first get a Google account, which is a free service. With a Google account, you’ll be able to access Google forms, Google sheets, and a variety of other Google tools. The key to using Google Forms is to create a form that is meaningful to your students and your class. You can use Google forms to create a survey, a quiz, or a form for collecting information for a project. You can then share your form with students or your class.

7. Google Hangout

Google Hangout as Google App for Education is a free, easy-to-use communication tool that helps students stay connected with the people they care about. Google is offering students free Google hangout accounts that allow them to engage in conversations and share them with their friends and family.

8. Google Site

Google Site is a website that allows students to create their own learning environment. It is a powerful tool for students to have in their toolbox. It allows students to create their own learning environment that feels like a personal classroom. They can create a safe place to work on their school work and have fun as well. They can also use it to create a digital portfolio that includes all their grades and projects. The app for education is made for students to use in their personal learning environment. This allows teachers to connect with the students in their learning environment and set goals for them to meet. It also allows students to see how they are doing and what they are learning.

9. Google Groups

Google Groups is a great resource for students, teachers and administrators alike. If you are a student, you can use groups to organize class projects, share your resources, and ask questions. You can also use groups to organize your school’s events or share your school’s bulletin board. If you are a teacher, you can use groups to communicate with your students, have a private group for your students, and use groups to share your school’s information or to communicate with your administrators. If you are an administrator, you can use groups to communicate with your students, have a private group for your students, and use groups to share your school’s information or to communicate with your teachers.

10. Blogger

Blogger is a free, award-winning blogging platform that helps students share their thoughts, ideas, and learning with the world. Blogger is a great way for students to create and publish multimedia content, present their work, and engage with their classmates and teachers. Blogger for Education is a Google app that lets educators create a blog for their students, with a focus on student voice. With Blogger for Education, educators can easily manage student blogs, create and publish multimedia content, and easily participate in student-driven conversations.

11. Picasa

Picasa is a great way to manage your digital photos. It is a free, easy-to-use photo sharing, editing and viewing application that is available for Android and iOS devices. Picasa is also a great choice for Google Apps for Education, giving students access to a web-based editor that allows them to create and share their photos, videos and documents without ever having to leave the classroom.

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12. Google News

Google News is a free news aggregator that provides a personalized news feed based on your interests. With Google News, your students can access the latest news on their school’s feed, as well as the trending stories from YouTube, Google News, and other sources. It also has a customizable layout for the students to filter the stories that are important to them.

This is a great way to learn more about what is going on in the world and stay informed. Google News is a free and easy way to update your students on current events. With a single click, students can read the latest headlines in a variety of news sources.

13. Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a free app that allows students to create a highly personalized digital workspace. The app makes it easy to create projects and collaborate with classmates. Students can also save their work to Google Drive and access it anytime. In order to install Google Workspace on your device, you will need to have Android 2.3 or later and be running Android 4.1 or later.

14. iGoogle

iGoogle is a web-based service that allows users to create personal homepages. It was created by Google for use in education. To use the app, schools will need to use their own login credentials, but it is easy to set up. It’s a great way to let students learn and work on their own without having to be in the school environment.

15. Google Maps

Google Maps is a perfect app for students and educators. Google Maps is a great tool for students and educators as it allows for students to easily and quickly access information. Google Maps is a best-in-class tool that is easy to use and even easier to learn. In the classroom, Google Maps allows students to learn through the process of finding a location. Students can use Google Maps apps on the map to identify the location, explore the location and then use the information to complete an assignment. Google Maps is also an accessible tool that is used by educators to create customized map-making projects.

16. Google Earth

Google Earth is a satellite imagery-based map program. It is a way to see the world from different angles and explore the planet from space. Google Earth is a free and easy way to learn about the world and allow students to explore different parts of the planet. This is especially useful for students who don’t have access to a personal device. Although Google Earth isn’t as intuitive as other map applications, it is still a great way to learn about different parts of the world and to understand how they are related to one another.

In order to use Google Earth in the classroom, you will need a Google account and Google Earth installed on a computer. It is also recommended that you install the Google Earth Education plugin. This plugin allows teachers to show Google Earth in the classroom.

17. Google Translate

Google Translate is a free app that allows users to translate between different languages in seconds. It has a number of features that make it a unique and powerful option for anyone who is looking for a more powerful translation app. The Google Translate app as part of the Google for Education is a great option for both teachers and students. The learning resources provided with the app include a number of different language learning tools, e.g., grammar, vocabulary, and interactive exercises. The app is also compatible with a number of devices that allow for offline translation.

18. YouTube

YouTube as an App for Education is a great resource for students, teachers and parents. It has many features that make it a great tool for learning. To access the tool, students and parents should go to the Google for Education platform and sign in. After signing in, the user must create a YouTube app for education account. This account is the equivalent of a YouTube channel.

To view students’ or teachers’ YouTube app for education channels, the parent or teacher must go to the YouTube app for education. The parent or teacher can then choose the class or individual that they want to view. They can even create a class and make it public or private. The YouTube app for education also has a tab that shows the most recently uploaded videos. This is a great tool for classroom use.

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19. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a great way to find out information on a topic that matters to you. Google Alerts are free and allow you to set a topic or keywords that you would like to receive notifications about. You can also set a time frame for the alerts to be sent to your device and how often you would like to be notified. Google Alerts are a great way to keep track of the latest information on topics that are important to you, whether that is school information, sports, or any other topic.

20. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a software application that allows educators to take advantage of Google’s suite of products, like Gmail, YouTube and Google Drive, in order to create a class. With Google Classroom, educators can create a space where students can access the materials they need to learn and teachers can give in-depth feedback and provide guidance to their students. That’s not all. Google Classroom can also be used as a platform for collaboration. Google Classroom is a powerful tool for educators and students to use, but it does have its limitations.

For example, Google Classroom requires a Chromebook for students to use. For those who already have a Chromebook, Google Classroom is a game changer. For those who don’t, it is worth the investment.

21. Google Web Search

Google Web Search is a product that allows students to use Google Search to search for information found on the Web. Google Web Search as Google App for Education is a great tool for students because it helps them to learn how to use Google Search to find right information. Google Web Search is also a great tool for teachers because it allows them to monitor what students are researching when they are on the Internet.

The education pack includes tools to help you teach and learn with the app, including Google Web Search for Classroom and Google Web Search for Educators. They offer unique ways to keep students engaged in learning and explore the w

22. Google Image Search

Google Image Search is a Google App that allows you to search for pictures and images on the web. It is a popular app that is accessible through other apps. Google Image Search is used to find pictures of what you are looking for.

This feature allows students to search for images and find what they are looking for. When looking for images, students can input keywords or phrases. The app automatically searches for images that have those keywords or phrases in them, and students can browse through the images and find what they are looking for. The Google Image Search in the app is also available as a standalone app.

23. Google Book Search

Google Book Search is a free digital library that offers high quality, full text books. Google Book Search as Google App for Education is a software application which can be used to access the Google Books library online. The software is designed by Google to be accessible and usable by all users, no matter their ability to access the Internet.

  1. The first step is to decide on the type of books you want to include in your search. There are various types of books that Google Book Search can help you find, including textbooks, academic research, and more.
  2. The next step is to create a Google Book Search account.
  3. The third step is to input the books you want to search. Google Book Search can help you find books, whether they are in physical or digital form.
  4. The fourth step is to set up your search preferences. This includes choosing how you want to see your search results and how you want to share them.
  5. The fifth step is to decide how you want to share your search results. You can share them with your entire school, with your class, with just your teacher, or with just your students.
  6. The sixth steps is to download your book. The seventh step is to share your book with others.

24. Google Keep

Google Keep is an app that can help you keep track of your notes as long as you have a smartphone. There are a variety of ways that you can use Google Keep for school. If you are required to take notes, Google Keep can be used as a way to take notes on the go and share them with your teacher. Google Keep can also be used to keep track of homework assignments and projects. In this way, Google Keep can help you to organize your education.

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25. Google Duo

Google Duo is a video calling app that is available for free in the app store for iOS and Android. There is no need to download any software, so it is easy to get set up and start calling with your friends and family. The app has a lot of features that are specifically designed for education. It allows you to call your students, students’ parents, and faculty. It has a feature that allows you to see and hear the person on the other side. It also has a feature that allows you to send a quick, automated message to everyone in the room. This app is perfect for educators who want to call their students, faculty, or parents.

What are the benefits of Google Apps for education?

Google Apps for Education has many benefits for students and educators alike. This includes:

  • Ability to collaborate more, the ability to access information from anywhere.
  • Ability to provide students with the tools they need to be successful.
  • Google Apps for Education is a powerful tool that provides a seamless experience across all devices, but it is not without its challenges. These are challenges that are common to all Google Apps for Education solutions.
  • One of the challenges that Google Apps for Education faces is the security of all information. This makes Google Apps for Education an excellent option for schools and educational institutions with strict security standards.

How to install Google Apps for education?

The process of installing Google Apps for education can be complex, so it’s important to make sure that you are installing it for the right reason. There are three different types of Google Apps for education which are Android, Chrome and Drive. If you want to use Google Apps for education, make sure you are installing it for the right reason.

The first step is to find out what type of Google Apps you will be using. Google Apps for education are divided into Android, Chrome and Drive. Within these categories, there are multiple apps that can be downloaded and set up.

Keep in mind that only Android is available for most schools.

How to use Google Apps for education?

In order to use Google Apps for education effectively, you’ll need to understand the basics of how it works. So, let’s get started! First, let’s talk about the key features of Google Apps for Education. There are three of them: Gmail, Google Drive and Google Classroom.

Gmail is your main email account, which means you’ll need to use a separate email address for your school account.

Google Drive is your main storage space for documents and other files.

Google Classroom is your main space for managing your class.

The best Google apps for a teacher, you need to consider the following: Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Sites, Google Docs, Google Drawings, Google App Maker, Google Presentations, Google Drawings, Google Inbox, and Google Calendar.

Apps like Google Keep, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Drive, YouTube and Google Slides will help the student to organize their work and be more productive.


Google Apps for Education are a great way to make your classroom a more productive and engaging place for students. Google Apps for Education offers a variety of helpful tools that can be used to increase the productivity of your classroom. Even though Google Apps for Education is a great tool, it is not always easy to use. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 25 of the most helpful Google Apps for Education.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about the Top 25 Google Apps for Education. If you’re looking for a way to help your students learn skills that can be applied to a future career or enrich their personal lives, we’re here to help!

You should definitely use these Google Apps for Education at your next school, camp, or even for your own educational needs. If you have any questions about the Top 25 Google Apps for Education or any other Google Apps for Education related blog post, please feel free to contact us.

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