How to say I love you in Polish

I love you in Polish. I love how the words are spelled phonetically for those of us who don’t know Polish. I also love that there is a “I LOVE YOU” at the bottom of every page, which makes me feel like this blog post was created just for me! It’s so nice to see someone go out of their way to make other people happy, and it’s even nicer when they do it with such an important message.

I Love YouKocham cię
I Love you tooJa też cię kocham

How to say i miss you in polish?

Nie mam cię. Kocham Cię. The words are simple, but the sentiment is powerful. These few phrases in Polish convey everything that I miss about you- your smile, your laugh, our time together.

How do you compliment a Polish girl?

You can’t go wrong with flowers or chocolates because these are their favorite things. But if you want to be romantic and show her your intentions, try writing her a letter in Polish (or at least translate it). It will make an impression on her that she’ll never forget!

How do you say goodnight in Polish?

In Polish, “dobranoc” means both good night and goodbye, so when someone says this phrase to you at bedtime it can mean either one

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How do you say I like you in Polish?

Lubię cię is the Polish for “I like you.”

How do you say give me a kiss in Polish?

Ever wanted to know how to say “give me a kiss” in Polish? In Polish, you would say “pocałuj mnie”.

How do you flirt in Polish?

If you’re new in town and looking for a date, check out the Polish language. The Polish language has some really interesting words when it comes to flirting. You can use “czuły” which means sweet or romantic; “dziękuję” which is translated as thank you; or “przytul mnie” which means hug me. If none of these work for you, there are always the classics like a wink and a smile.

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