How to vote #uk?

The United Kingdom has many things to offer, but one of our most important rights is the right to vote. Our government was founded on this principle and it’s up to us as citizens to take advantage of it.

But how do you go about voting?

What are the different ways in which you can cast your ballot?

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How do i check if i’m registered to vote in UK?

If you’re a UK resident and over 18, it’s crucial that you register to vote. There are several reasons why this is important: firstly, it will allow your voice to be heard in the democratic process. Secondly, if there is ever a referendum on whether or not our country should leave the EU for example, then only those who have registered to vote will be able to cast their ballot.

Who cannot vote in UK?

The United Kingdom has many people who are not able to vote in the general election. This includes people living outside of the UK, those with a criminal record, and those who are too young to vote. There are also people who have been disqualified for other reasons such as being bankrupt or having mental illness. The total number of eligible voters is 68% of the population which means that about 40 million people cannot vote in this election.

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How do i check if i’m registered to vote?

Click Here to check wether if you’re registered to vote.

 to vote uk

Click here to register to vote uk

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