How to say i love you in french

How to say i love you in french-Did you know that there are over 10 different ways to say I love you in French? How many languages do you speak? If not, it’s time to learn! Learning a new language is never too late. It will only make you smarter and more well-rounded, which can come in handy when traveling or just trying something new. Check out our list of the ten best ways how to say “I love you” in French, so go ahead and impress your partner with your newfound knowledge!

English French
I Love youJe vous aime
I adore youJe t’adore
you’re the love of my lifeT’es l’amour de ma vie
I am madly in love with youJe suis fou amoureux de toi
My heart beats loudly for youMon coeur bat la chamade pour toi

Does Je T Aime mean I like you or I love you?

Both have different meaning.
i like you -je t’aime bien
i love you-Je vous aime

Why do the French rarely say I love you?

In America, “I love you” is a common phrase often exchanged between friends and lovers. In France, the sentiment doesn’t hold the same weight. The French have a hard time saying “Je t’aime,” which translates to “I love you.” Instead of declaring love with words, they’ll do so with a kiss or a hug.

I love you in Chinese

How to say i love you too in French?

je t’aime aussi

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