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Tom Cruise is an American actor, director and screenwriter. He has starred in more than 100 movies and television shows, including “Mission: Impossible”, “The Color of Money” (for which he received an Oscar nomination), “Jerry Maguire” and “A Few Good Men”.

He also has a wide range of other activities. He’s started his own production company called Focus Features as well as serving in various executive capacities for many Hollywood studios. He is sometimes described as the perfect candidate for content creation because he’s a huge movie star with lots of versatility. His career span covers 60 years or so from a very young age to the present day.

He is also a philanthropist who donated $2 billion to The Day One Fund, a fund that will be used to create “a permanent home for homeless families” and “to launch Montessori-inspired preschools in underserved communities.”

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Tom Cruise - Bio, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Single, Nationality, Career, Wiki
Date of BirthJuly 3, 1962
Birth PlaceSyracuse, New York
Age60 Years
Eye colurGreen
Hair ColourDark Brown
Height5′ 7″
Weight150 lbs (68 kg)
Maritial StatusDivorced
Country of OriginAmerica
Net Worth$700 million

What nationality is Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise is an American celebrity. He has a number of countries and nationalities.

Tom Cruise is a successful actor and movie star. He has not only starred in several big Hollywood movies but also written his own books and had published his autobiography entitled “The Life”. The film industry realizes that Tom Cruise is much more than just a movie star. He is also a highly successful author who can help the author of their book understand what needs to be done to write the best book possible.

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Childhood & Early Life of Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise was born on January 8, 1962 to movie star mother and actor father. He started his career in 1973 when he was just 15 years old. He then made his debut as an actor in 1980 with the film “Warlock”.

He became a well-known Hollywood legend after starring in some of the biggest blockbusters of all time including “Top Gun” (1986), “The Color Purple” (1985), and “Mission Impossible 2” (2000).

Tom is also famous for his social media presence. Tom has nearly 50 million followers on Twitter account and over 1800K likes on Facebook profile. He has also become a part of the American pop culture history via his videos over YouTube, Instagram and Google+ accounts.

In childhood, he had many different projects and jobs, which included singing in the national youth choir (KCY) and acting in school plays. During those times, he also became close to his father.

Did Tom Cruise come from money?

This is a quote that I’ve taken from an article titled: “The Theory: Tom Cruise and Money” by Luc Van Loo.

I don’t mean to be critical of Tom Cruise’s success, but it is not the case that he came from money. In fact, he may have even paid his way through Hollywood as no one really knows for sure where his father got money from. But there are things that we can learn about this famous actor and make him a more interesting subject for our study here.

Tom Cruise has been having troubles with being in debt since the early nineties when he was starting off in Hollywood. His first big movie was 1993’s “Jerry Maguire”. He had to pay back most of this debt later on with bonuses.

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What is Tom’s Cruise Net worth?

Tom Cruise net worth is the most talked about reality ever. The movie star has made a lot of money over the years and this is making him into one of the top ranking stars in Hollywood. His wealth is not based solely on his acting career though.

Tom’s net worth is around $700 million and has provided a lot of material for media coverage and it was time for someone to speak up about what his net worth actually is.

How did Tom Cruise get so rich?

Tom Cruise got so rich not just because he was talented, but because he was willing to take risks. He wanted to become famous and famous people usually do that – they take risk in their careers.

Cruise’s success has been attributed to his willingness to follow his instincts and make choices that were unusual for the time. He chose acting as a career and did not attempt any of the more traditional routes such as film studio offers or directing. However, it is a myth that he did this for fame alone – at least in his case he made money doing it.

Hobbies of Tom Cruise

Tom is known for his appetite for racing and exploring new countries,Fencing, Skydiving and Scubadiving.

So it seems puzzling that Tom doesn’t really has many hobbies.

He spends his time upgrading his own and his daughters’ toys and reads various magazines.

Family & Personal Life of Tom Cruise:

Tom Cruise has one fella who’s better than all the rest. His daughter Suri is a devoted gamer, part of a family who loves to entertain and basically live life with glee.

  • Mother’s Name -Mary Lee Pfeiffer (Educator)
  • Father’s Name – Thomas Mapother III (Electrical engineer)
  • Sister – Lee Ann Mapother, Cass Mapother, Marian Mapother.
  • Wife/Spouse – Mimi Rogers (1987-1990),Nicole Kidman (1990-2001),Katie Holmes (2006-2012),Katie Holmes (2006-2012)
  • Children – Connor Cruise, Actor (born 1995), Isabella Jane Cruise (born 1992), Suri Cruise (born 2006)
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Affairs and Girlfriends of Tom Cruise :

This section covers everything from Cruise’s current relationship and past history. If you find his present girlfriend or past ones of interest then feel free to comment in post.

Diane Cox (1980-1981)
Melissa Gilbert, Actress (1982)
Heather Locklear, Actress (1982)
Rebecca De Mornay, Actress (1983-1985)
Patti Scialfa, Singer (1985)
Cher, Singer (1985-1986)

Mimi Rogers, Actress (1986-1990)
Nicole Kidman, Actress (1990-2001)
Penelope Cruz, Actress (2001-2004)
Nazanin Boniadi, Actress (2004-2005)
Sofia Vergara, Actress (2005)
Katie Holmes, Actress (2005-2012)
Cynthia Jorge, Restaurant Owner (2012-present)

Tom Cruise’s Movies List :

The best movies of Tom Cruise. In this list, we use a flip classic screenplay conversion to compare the stars who made the most money and then comment on why it is incredible that even a rock-star actor such as Tom Cruise did all his work in Hollywood with nothing but his talent to produce good quality and high-quality content.

1981Endless Love
1983The Outsiders
Losin’ It
Risky Business
All the Right Moves
1986Top Gun
The Color of Money
Rain Man
1989Born on the Fourth of July
1990Days of Thunder
1992Far and Away
A Few Good Men
1993The Firm
1994Interview with the Vampire
1996Mission: Impossible
Jerry Maguire
1998Without Limits
1999Eyes Wide Shut
2000Mission: Impossible 2
2001Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures
The Others
Vanilla Sky
2002Space Station 3D
Minority Report
Austin Powers in Goldmember
2003Shattered Glass
The Last Samurai
2005War of the Worlds
2006Ask the Dust
Mission: Impossible III
2007Lions for Lambs
2008Tropic Thunder
2010Knight and Day
2011Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
2012Rock of Ages
Jack Reacher
2014Edge of Tomorrow
2015Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
2016Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
2017The Mummy
American Made
2018Mission: Impossible – Fallout
2020Top Gun: Maverick

Some facts about Tom Cruise no one knows :

  • Does Tom Cruise smoke?: Yes
  • Does Tom drink alcohol?: No
  • Tom grew up in near poverty.
  • Tom Cruise had an abusive father to whom he has described as “a merchant of chaos”.
  • Tom Cruise used to play Floor Hockey in his school.
  • In 14 years, Tom Cruise attended 15 schools.
  • Tom does all the things with his left hand except writing, which he does with his right hand.
  • In 1996, Tom Cruise earned his second Golden Globe Award and second nomination for the Academy Award for the film “Jerry Maguire”.
  • He is a promoter of Scientology and has campaigned for it to be recognized as a religion in Europe.
  • In 2006, he was ranked as the world’s most powerful celebrity by “Forbes” magazine.
  • Japan declared October 10, 2006, as “Tom Cruise Day” because he has made more trips to Japan than any other Hollywood celebrity.
  • His most successful movie is the Mission Impossible series and in 1996, it was the first US feature film that opened in more than 3000 theaters.
  • In 1999, Tom Cruise received his third Golden Globe Award and third nomination for the Academy Award for the film “Magnolia”.
  • In 1988, Tom Cruise won a Razzie Award for Worst Actor for the film “Cocktail”.
  • In 1989, Tom Cruise won Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for the film “Born on the Fourth of July” and was also his first Academy Award Nomination for Best Actor.
  • Tom Cruise had never allowed his images to be used in action figures and video-games.
  • Tom Cruise has been nominated three times for an Oscar but has never won one.
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What kind of car does Tom Cruise drive?

Tom Cruise drives a lot of cars. He drives a Cadillac Escalade and a Ferrari F12berlinetta, among many others.

In our experience, when we wanted to write something on Thomas Mueller at Yahoo!, we just made sure not to mention his car. When we wanted to talk about Tom Cruise’s car, it was always “Cadillac Escalade.” We made sure not to talk about it because we didn’t want to be accused of talking trash on Tom Cruise’s vehicle

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

Endless Love (1981)

No, but got nominated 3 times

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