What Are Some Lesser-Known but Amazing iPhone Apps?

What Are Some Lesser-Known but Amazing iPhone Apps
What Are Some Lesser-Known but Amazing iPhone Apps? 26

You’ve just bought a new iPhone, and you’ve finished setting it up, and now it’s time to go to the App Store. What apps should you get to improve the performance of your iPhone?There are the standard apps that almost everybody has on their phones. YouTube,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter maybe Amazon or Netflix. You do not need an entire list of recommendations to inform you about these famous names. If you’refresh to iPhone or are trying some new ones, take a look at these must-have apps. Moreover, you should have a reliable and strong internet connection like CenturylinkInternet enEspañol, so you don’t run into any problems.

1.     1Password

If you don’t own an account manager for your password, you should get one. With password managers, it is easy to develop good habits for passwords, such as creating long and complex security passwords specific to each website or service.

With iOS 12.2, Apple has made password managers superior. They can now automatically fill in forms and passwords in more places, such as within apps. You can sign in using the Face ID as well as Touch ID.1Password is among the top password management tools available that offer great support across multiple platforms as well as at a reasonable cost (there’s an initial 30-day trial for free, and then the price is $2.99 per month or $4.99 for families of five).

2.     MyFitnessPal

If you’re looking to shed weight, tone up, or simply live an active and healthy lifestyle, the only thing that has proven effective over and over is keeping a food diary. It can be difficult and time-consuming, but MyFitnessPal helps you do it easily.

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It has a vast database of food items, and you can scan the barcodes of nearly every food item that is packaged to include it in your daily number. It is possible to do this using the free and ad-supported app. Still, it costs $9.99 per month premium subscription will block advertisements and provide a lot of control over your custom macronutrient targets and a diet review.It’s the most comprehensive and user-friendly app we’ve come across to keep track of your diet. Tracking the food and beverages you consume is the very first and most efficient step towards becoming healthier.

3.     Afterlight

Many apps can allow you to edit photos using your iPhone; however, Afterlight is undoubtedly one of the most effective, regardless of whether you need to shell out just a few dollars. Anything you’d like to accomplish with your images–from shining dark shadows to putting text on top of your photos–Afterlightcan handle it all.

Despite the abundance of options, tools, filters, and available filters, Afterlight never feels confusing or hard to use. Afterlight allows you to add Instagram-like filters over images, make stunning effects with light, or create grainy textures that make mobile photos stand out.

4.     Gmail

We would suggest that all Google applications are worth downloading on your iPhone, including Maps to Drive. However, for the moment, we’ll only focus on Gmail. The flexible email client offers Google’s top-quality searching, labeling, and filtering tools to your iPhone and lets you sync several email accounts (including ones from iCloud) all in one location.

Google keeps adding useful functions regularly, such as undo send (for those who have doubts about sending the email you sent) along with the option to sort emails based on their importance (based on Google’s algorithms that have been trained). The application looks pretty appealing on the screen and is always helpful.

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5.     Carrot Weather

Do you have to pay actual cash? To purchase a forecast app? However, you already use a weather application installed on your iPhone! The other apps for weather are completely free!Sometimes, quality is worth the price. If you are a person who is checking the weather on their phone often, Carrot Weather is well worth the price. It is quick, user-friendly, and loaded with options for customization.To truly unlock its full potential, you need to join the Premium Club. However, it’s not expensive at just $4.99 each year. It is designed to pay for API access to various weather sources.

6.     Zombie, Run

The most challenging part is staying engaged when you are working out, particularly in monotonous cardio exercises. Zombies, Run! is a different spin on a fitness app, and it might help keep your motivation to walk, run, jog (or bicycle or the elliptical) all day.

The app is a piece of a radio show where you’re a runner who’s new to an abandoned outpost from the Zombie Apocalypse. While the outpost speaks to you on the radio, you avoid the zombie hoards, gather various supplies (which can be used to build your base following the Run) and advance through a captivating story. Between story elements, you enjoy the music of your choice.


Apple’s iPhones are loaded with various functions built into the phone, including maps, email, the internet, music, movies, and much more. However, if you stay with what’s included in the iPhone, you’re left out. Wehope that you can enjoy the above-mentioned apps as well.