What is a sham & what Is It Used For?

What is a sham? Shams are a type of pillow cover that can be used to dress up and protect your pillows. They come in many different styles, colors and materials. Pillow sham sizes vary as well; they can range from 18×18 inches all the way up to 36×36 inches. Some people like to use them as decorative accents for their bed while others need them for health reasons such as allergies or asthma. The best thing about pillow shams is that you don’t have to worry about trying to match the color or pattern with your sheets because those details are taken care of by the back side of the sham.

Pillow shams are the perfect way to complete your bedding! Pillows are used for decoration. Blankets and sheets can get dirty or stained easily, but pillows stay clean. This is because they’re often hidden from view under the blankets. A pillow sham not only protects your beautiful pillows, but it also keeps them in place! Whether you have one or two decorative pillows on your bed, toss a matching pillow sham over them and watch as they magically disappear from sight.

What is the difference between a sham and a pillowcase?

This might seem like an easy question, but it’s not. A sham (also known as a bedspread) has one or more pillows on top of it while a pillow case contains just one pillow. A sham can be used with multiple pillows, so you could say that there is no set size for shams because they are flexible and can be made to fit any type of bedding configuration. It also means that you don’t have to buy new linens every time your family changes its sleeping arrangements!

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Can I sleep on a sham?

The answer is yes and no. It all depends on what type of sham you have. If your sham is made with polyester, then it may not be a good idea to sleep on it as the material can trap heat which will make you sweat more at night. However, if your sham has cotton or silk in it then go ahead and lie down.

Where does the sham go on the bed?

If you’re not sure what a sham is, it’s the decorative pillow on your bed. These pillows are typically square and made of cotton or linen fabric. In some cultures, they have specific names that correspond with their position on the bed. For example, in USA and India,sham traditionally goes at the head of the bed while in Indonesia a shams is placed at chest height.

Are Shams just for decoration?

Shams are typically used as decorative and functional pieces in a room. They can be used to soften the light, add color, or create a focal point. But do you know what they’re really for? The answer might surprise you!
Shams are traditionally used as pillows that go on top of your bed sheets. This is so that when people come over to visit your house and stay overnight, they have something soft to lay their head on other than the hard wood floor. It also gives them an extra layer of comfort for sleeping at night too.

They can also be fitted with linens and used to sleep on or even sit on. There are so many different options with these versatile items.
Shams come in all shapes and sizes, which means there is one out there for everyone. They can be made of cotton, silk, velvet or any other fabric imaginable. The color options are endless too; you could get anything from white shams to multi-colored ones! Some people even like to mix their colors up by using them as accent pieces in their room rather than placing them over the headboard of their bed.

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What is the difference between a sham and a euro sham?

A sham and a euro sham may look very similar, but there is actually a difference between the two. A sham is typically used as an accent pillow for extra comfort and fullness on your bed, while a euro sham is smaller in size and can be tucked into the corners of your mattress to protect it from stains.

The first thing that sets these two types of pillows apart from each other is their sizes. Euro shams are much smaller than traditional shams; however, they can still serve as accent pillows for your bedding set or to provide extra comfort on your couch or chair if you choose not to sit directly on the armrests. They also work well as decorative accents at the foot of your bed or sofa.

FAQs about Shams :

Will a queen pillow fit in a standard sham?

Answer is yes. But there are some things to consider before you put your queen pillow in your standard sham. The first thing to know about sizing is that the size of your pillow should match the size of your sham. So, if you have a king size bed, for example, then it’s recommended that you buy an oversized sham so that all sizes of pillows will fit inside it. If you bought a standard sized pillow at Ikea or Target then this won’t be an issue- just make sure to find out what size they are before purchasing one

What kind of pillow goes in a sham?

The most common type of sham pillow is one made out of fabric. These shams come in different colors, patterns, prints, and textures so it’s easy to find one that matches your bedroom decor perfectly. The second most common type of sham pillow is the down-filled version that provides extra warmth for cold winter nights.

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Are pillow shams necessary?

Well, if you want to keep your pillows clean or new looking, then yes they are necessary. But if not, then no they are not necessary at all!


illows are an important part of the bedding ensemble. They not only provide comfort for your head, but also protect against allergens and bacteria that may be on the surface of your mattress. Protecting them with a pillow sham is key to maintaining their quality over time. There are many different types available; some come in materials like silk or leather while others offer more traditional styles like quilted cotton. It’s up to you which style best suits your needs.

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