What is the difference between science and technology?

Difference between science and technology? The answer to this question can be found by looking at their definitions. Science means “knowledge about facts, truths, or principles” whereas technology refers to “the practical use of knowledge.” This definition shows that while science strives for understanding, technology focuses on using what we know for practical purposes.

Technology often has a tangible result like an invention or machine while science does not always produce something physical like when scientists study something like the human brain.

difference between Science and Technology
What is the difference between science and technology? 26

What are examples of science and technology?

Science and technology are everywhere. From the clothes you wear, to how you get from one place to another, science and technology have a hand in it all.

The dictionary defines Science as “knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments.”

Science is any systematic enterprise that seeks to understand natural phenomena by acquiring knowledge through observation and experimentation like 3 Laws of Newton.

Technology on the other hand is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes like designing new equipment or processes, making things work better, or solving problems in our everyday lives.

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What is common between science and technology?

Science and technology have a lot in common. Science is the study of natural phenomena, while technology is the application of scientific knowledge. The two fields are so intertwined that it’s hard to know where one starts and the other ends.

You can’t have science without technology, as many modern concepts were derived from technological advancements such as electricity or computers. Technology has been responsible for leaps in our understanding of natural phenomenon, which has helped advance how we live today through improved healthcare treatments and less reliance on fossil fuels.

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What are the major achievements of science and technology?

Technology has made our lives easier in many ways. For example, technology is what runs the world today. It’s how we get food from point A to point B, it’s how people communicate with each other, and it’s even what helps us do our jobs more efficiently.

Science has also helped make life better by inventing products that are safe for you to use without harming your health or the environment. These achievements have all come together to help shape the world into a place where everyone can live in peace and happiness.

Can you live without science and technology?

The world of science and technology has come a long way in the last century. Science has advanced our understanding of how the universe works, while technology has improved our quality of life on Earth. It is impossible to go without these fields of study for more than one day. There are many jobs that either require or involve some form of scientific knowledge or technological skill-set, not to mention all the products we use every day like computers, cell phones, cars, etc., which would be nearly impossible to live without today.

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What is the contribution of technology to science?

Technology has been a boon for the sciences. It is used in every field of science to study and analyze data, create models that can help us understand our world better, and improve communication with other scientists. But while technology has improved science’s productivity and efficiency, it also brings new challenges.

  • Technology is what allowed us to start sequencing DNA.
  • Technology helped make artificial intelligence more advanced by letting computers process information faster than ever before.
  • Technology allows scientists to study cells with microscopes that can see them at levels never seen before.

How does science and technology affect society?

The field of science and technology is constantly changing, evolving, and expanding. These changes often have a profound impact on society as we know it. Below down are some ways that science and technology affects society:-
1) Technology may be used to shape public opinion through the use of social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

2) Robots can be programmed to interact with people in certain ways that would otherwise not occur naturally with humans.

3) New discoveries in fields such as astronomy or physics can change how we understand our world or what our future might look like.

What is the greatest contribution of science and technology to society?

Science and technology have been a blessing to society. It has given us new, innovative ways of living that we could not live without. For example, advancements in medicine have helped reduce the mortality rate from killers such as cancer and AIDS. Science is also responsible for creating things like microwaves, which are now essential household items around the world. Technology has made our lives so much easier with innovations like smartphones and laptops now being an integral part of our daily routine. These two fields are truly what make the modern world possible.

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Medicine, transportation, communication. These are all important contributions that have changed the world for the better. But there is one area in which they have made an even greater contribution than any other food. The introduction of modern farming methods has led to a surplus of food worldwide. And just imagine if we had tried to go without them for another couple centuries,hunger would be rampant and people wouldn’t be living nearly as long as they do now. So thank you science and technology ,without your help society might not exist today.


Science is the study of natural phenomena and technology is a practical application of science. Technology can be used to help scientists understand how things work, but it’s not always about making something new or innovative. Sometimes it’s just about improving what you have so that people get better results from your product. For example, if someone wants more accurate weather predictions they might use satellites in space to collect data for their research. This information would then be processed by computers which are programmed with algorithms designed by humans who are experts in math, physics, engineering etc., all of them using scientific principles learned through years of education and practice at universities.

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